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Since I was a kid I have had dreams about beautiful flower swing hanging from the tree, all of it surrounded by the beautiful garden... The Secret Garden. Dreams of an another world, where magic and nature are dancing together. The Elemental World, hidden from humans because we couldn’t respect the nature. 


This place doesn't have to be only in the my dreamscape. We can create it together and I truly believe it is possible. Since the vibration of the planet is rising I feel called to bring this world closer...

I felt deep in my heart that my mission is to bring the MAGIC to this planet. To remind people of their own magical essence... and one way of doing it is by my art.

I did many things in my life. Working as an make up artist,
a stylist, in my free time I was also creating fantasy costumes. Yet I never had a clear direction. I thought that
I needed to focus only on one thing.

Now I understand that it can all play together and my connection with Faeries and Nature Spirits can be translated trough all of my work.


So I created The Secret Garden - place where you can rent costumes for your projects, photoshoots or events. You can also work with me on the set where I prepare your model or client from tips to toes - make / hair and costume / styling. It is my biggest excitement to create magical metamorphosis and to work with people who can capture beauty in a form.  


If you want to take your work to the next level and create
a fantasy, mysterious world - styling is one of the most important factors. If you resonate with my work I encourage you to contact me to receive the full offer, so then I can help you with creating the magic we all crave and need so much in this world.

With Love, 


Karina Czapla - The founder of THE SECRET GARDEN.